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Category : cms
Version : 1.8.11
Views : 6549 Views
Ratings : 4.800 out of 5
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Overview Xibo is a powerful Digital Signage content management system and suite of signage players.


  • Create your Content : Easily layout your content and add live information from the web using Xibo's Widgets. There’s no limit to the number of screen designs you can build using the simple drag and drop designer, which offers a wide range of media support. Integrate third party content such as current weather, traffic, RSS feeds, streaming video, or web sites, and mix them in with your own to create a seamless design.
  • Schedule to your Screens : Using the Xibo calendar you can schedule your creations to your screens. Choose from simple or advanced scheduling with always on, repeating and dayparting capabilities. Schedule with a click of a button; what you want, where and when you want it. Make scheduling even easier by organising your Layouts into Campaigns, or throw up a design right after you’ve finished it with Schedule Now.
  • Manage your Network : Make sure your message is being received. Monitor your network of screens and see the status of each one, check proof of play data and view diagnostic information. Keep things running smoothly, straight from your web browser. Use Display Groups to organise your network into logical sections, which can be nested or created automatically from a search query, to help you get the right content to the right screens with minimal effort.

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