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This tutorial is to help you get started when you are ready to start transferring your domain from to another domain registrar.

There are several things that must take place before you can begin to transfer your domain name. Once they are done you can begin the domain name transfer at the home website for the new domain name registrar where you want your domain name transferred to.

This tutorial assumes that you have a domain already registered with, and we are going to start on their home page.

The first thing you must do is make sure the domain name is not locked or prevented from being transferred out of the current registry. Begin by logging into your account.

  • Click on the NS WebAddress link in the left hand menu list.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Manage Domain Names to open a screen with all your domains and details.
  • In the box for the domain you wish to transfer, find the Domain Protected text.
  • Click the link on the right hand side that reads *Turn Off or Request Authorization Code* to open a new screen called Edit Domain Protect.
  • Select the radio button for Leave Domain Protect Off. You will also need to check the box requesting an Authorization Code.
  • The lock has now been removed from the domain name so it can now be transferred to another domain registry.
  • While you are logged into your account, you should verify that your contact info is correct and up-to-date both at the current registry and the Whois database.
  • Also ensure privacy protection has been disabled for the domain name before trying to transfer it.

It is the authorization code that allows the registries to permit the transfer of your domain name. This code needs to be given to your new domain registrar to begin the transfer process. When finished, click the log out button in the right hand corner.

You are now ready to visit our website to initiate the domain transfer request. For additional assistance, contact us by submitting a support ticket.

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