How to install WordPress from

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to install WordPress directly from

First, you will need to go to and click the Download WordPress Button to get the latest stable release of WordPress available.

On the next screen, click on the download button which opens a pop-up window asking you what to do with this downloaded file. Save the file and then go to where it was downloaded on your computer.

Extract the zip files and open the folder. You will need to upload the entire WordPress folder to your server using an FTP client. You should have one, if not, see our articles on FTP.

Once the files have been uploaded, go to your website in your web browser. The WordPress welcome page will open with a few questions to answer to get you started. You will need to know Database Name, Database Username, Database Password and Database Host. Click the Lets Go button to get started filling in the blanks.

On the next page, enter your MySQL username and password. Database Host is *localhost*. When you are done, click on the Submit button then at the next window, click on the Run Install button.

You will now need to fill in the fields on the Welcome page. The site title is a name for your blog, choose a username, double enter a password then enter your email address. Click on the Install WordPress button when you are ready.

You will now get the Success screen. It will show your username and password. Click on the Log In button at the bottom then enter your username and password. If you want, check the remember me box so that next time it will remember your information. Now click on the Log In button.

You have now successfully logged into your admin panel where you can manage your blog and its settings.

For additional assistance, contact us by submitting a support ticket.

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