How to manage modules in Joomla

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to manage modules in Joomla. The Module Manager is where you can add and edit modules which are used to display content and media around the main content.

We will assume that you are logged into your administrative panel of your Joomla site.

  • Start by clicking on Extensions in the top menu and from the drop down menu, select Module Manager.
  • At the Module Manager page you can enable, disable, copy, delete, edit or create modules.
  • Disabled modules are indicated by a red X. To enable a module, select the checkbox next to the item and then click on Enable in the upper right corner.
  • To disable a module, select it by clicking on the checkbox in front of the chosen module then click on the Disable icon in the upper right corner.
  • To copy an existing module, select the box then click on Copy in the upper right corner. The new copy will appear in your list as *Copy of original name*.
  • To edit the copy or any module, select the module with a check in the box in front of the chosen module then scroll right and click on edit in the upper right menu. This will open a window that will allow you to make any necessary changes to the module. When you are done, click on Save.
    • Note: If this is a copied module you are editing, remember that copies are always disabled, you will need to enable them to make them work.
  • To delete a category, select the checkbox then click on Delete in the upper right corner.

To create a new module, click on new in the upper right corner. This will present a page that will allow you to choose the type of module you would like to create. There are many choices ranging from navigation items to articles, to photos and everything in between.

Select the module type you would like to create and then scroll right and click on next. Each module has different options that you can set. Fill in the necessary information then click Save. You can now see your new module in the Module Manager list.

To reorder the list, scroll down and click the green arrows to move items up and down the list.

For additional assistance, contact us by submitting a support ticket.

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