Setting your preferences in FlashFXP

You should have already configured your website in this program. If you have not, and need some assistance, please see the tutorial Configuring your website in FlashFXP. FlashFXP should be running on your computer but not connected to a remote server at this time for the purposes of this tutorial.

To start, click on the options link at the top of the FlashFXP window. From the drop-down, click on preferences to open a window called configure FlashFXP. This is the main preferences window and there are several options to choose from. However, most options are pre-set and won't need to be changed. Only change the options that you know are safe to change.

One thing you can change if you wish is the timeout retry delay and retry count settings on the general page. On the connections page you should not make any changes unless you really know what you are doing.

The options page has settings that are in place to help you avoid deleting files by accident and should be left in the default setting. The transfer page should be left as auto. On the advanced page you will probably want to have show hidden files selected so that you can see all files, including .htaccess files.

On the sounds page you can assign sounds to specific events. To do this, simply select the event you want to assign a sound to then locate a sound file on your computer.

There are several options you can choose from on the display page that will customize the look of FlashFXP to your personal taste. There is a whole list that includes flat toolbar buttons, display site names in caption, use high color toolbar buttons and much more.

You can choose how to display your file sizes as well, either auto, KB or Bytes. When you are finished with any changes in the preferences window, click OK to return you to the main screen.

Now click on view from the main toolbar at the top of the FlashFXP window. From the drop-down, select options to open a window called view options. Here you can change the entire look of FlashFXP by changing the colors. Click OK when done to return to the main screen.

For additional assistance, contact us by submitting a support ticket.

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