Modifying fields in database tables with phpMyAdmin

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to modify fields in database tables with phpMyAdmin. We will assume that you are logged in to phpMyAdmin. For the purpose of the tutorial, we will use a database with one table for the example.

To begin, when you open the phpMyAdmin window there are two sides. The left side is blue and has the listing of database(s) and the tables they contain listed under them. The other window is a white screen and this is where all your working information will come up along with details about your databases and tables when queried.

Select the table to modify by clicking on it. The right window will open up with the details of the table including a list of all the fields in the table. Find the field you wish to modify then start by placing a check mark in the box at the beginning of the field row.

To edit, click on the change icon which is below the list and looks like a pencil writing, this will open the selected field line by itself and you can now make the changes you need to make. Click on save when you are done.

The right hand screen will now show that the table has been successfully altered and will show the change. You can click on the home button which is in the left panel below the phpMyAdmin name and return to the main screen.

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